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Smart Home Solutions.

Use your phone to stay connected, no matter where you are.

Your Smart Home Made Simple

Control outlets & lights, monitor your entryway, check cameras while you're away and much more simply by connecting with an app on your phone or tablet. Our smart home solutions integrate with your family's smart speaker, too. Energy savings, home security, easy installation & operation, peace of mind. It's your smart home made simple.

All the Ways to Make Your Home a Smart Home


Customizing your home's lighting has never been easier. Set groups or scenes, choose color temperature and operate via voice control or smartphone.


Monitor indoor or outdoor security cameras & turn on your lights using your smartphone, no matter where you are. Enjoy peace of mind, at home or away.

Plugs & Switches

Plug into a smart switch and power your appliance or electronics from anywhere using your voice or your smartphone.


Appliances and electronics made smarter and more interactive using the power of technology … and your smartphone.


Amazon Alexa
Apple Home Kit
Google Assistant
Windows Cortana

Features, Installation & Pairing

Geeni Smart Light Bulbs

Control your your lighting color & schedule from anywhere with a simple app.

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Geeni Smart Floodlight & Security Camera

Light your driveway, walkways or yard, and watch for activity safely with an easy app on your phone.

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Garage Door Opener Installation

Easy instructions on how to install Your Genie Aladdin Connect garage opener.

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Geeni LED Light Strip

Update your home theater, gaming space, kitchen or any other room with bold, versatile, easy-to-install LED strip lights.

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Smart Outlets & Smart Plugs from Geeni

You won’t believe the versatility! It’s the outlet update you never knew you needed.

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Geeni Security Cameras

There’s no putting a price on peace of mind. Pan, tilt & move the camera & check in from anywhere using an easy app on your phone.

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Smart Home FAQs

Smart home technology provides homeowners with greater security, convenience, comfort, and energy-efficiency by enabling them to control their smart home devices and systems through apps on their networked devices, like smartphones or tablets. Smart home systems often work together to automate actions based on the user's preferences for easy and customized operation.

Home automation offers the ability to connect home systems to a remotely controllable network, like a smartphone or tablet. Also referred to as smart home technology, a home automation system may control climate, lighting, appliances, entertainment systems, and more.

In many cases, a smartphone, tablet or another voice-enabled smart device is all you'll need to control your new smart home devices. However, if you use a variety of different smart home devices or services, you might need a smart home system hub. This is the hardware or software that centrally connects all the devices on your network so you can control them more efficiently.

Our selection of smart home products includes everything from lighting switches and wireless security doorbells to smart plugs and essential oil diffusers. We carry an abundance of new smart home devices you can control with your voice via Alexa, Google, and Microsoft, too.

The best smart home product brands are known for their versatility, durability, convenience, and ease of use. Batteries Plus Bulbs carries a variety of smart home devices that are compatible with top-rated brands including Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, Nest, and Windows Cortana.

Do you have questions about how to install and pair your new smart home devices? Batteries Plus Bulbs has you covered. Get help installing your smart home devices by checking out our helpful videos above.

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