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SLA Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

From toys and vehicles to daily appliances, sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries, also known as valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries, power many of the products we use every day. Discover the best general purpose, deep cycle, gel and high rate SLA batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Browse our selection of top lead based batteries and battery accessories for the charge and dependability you need to stay powered wherever you go.

Find Your SLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Choosing the Right SLA Battery

Different jobs call for different power, so it's important to find the right type of battery for your needs. Choosing the right lead based batteries for your appliances helps to provide the best power while prolonging the life and run-time of your battery. VRLA/SLA batteries fall into four different categories, each designed to provide unique benefits:

General Purpose

The most versatile type of SLA battery, general purpose options offer reliable power for backup and cycling applications, making them a great fit for common household use. General purpose batteries are a popular choice for everyday electronics, security systems, emergency lighting and backup energy.

Deep Cycle

If you're looking for trustworthy long-term power, deep cycle batteries offer the quality you need. This choice features designs that provide a constant power flow for a sustained period, making it popular for applications with long run times. Choose a deep cycle battery for trolling motors, marine needs and smaller motorized vehicles like wheelchairs, scooters and golf carts.


Like a deep cycle battery, a gel valve regulated lead acid battery provides dependable long-term power. A gel SLA/VRLA battery also offers the greatest number of cycles, making it the ideal choice for heavy, everyday use. The deep discharge and long life make gel batteries perfect for RV and marine power, wheelchairs and scooters, and heavy power applications like water pumping and wind generation.

High Rate UPS

In an emergency situation, you need power you can count on. High rate SLA batteries are specifically designed to provide fast power delivery for backup applications. They have a long life and require little maintenance, making them a safe choice for emergency devices. Medical equipment, cable and internet housing, and data centers are just a few of the backup applications that benefit from high rate SLA batteries.

Keep in Mind...

While some SLA batteries are interchangeable, it's important to check the capacity, dimensions and mounting orientation of your device before buying a replacement battery. Browse our SLA battery guide to learn more about each battery type's specification, or come by any of our stores where a product expert can answer your questions and help determine which battery is best for you.

Buying SLA Batteries in Bulk
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Extending the Life of Your SLA Battery

It's easy to prolong the life of your SLA battery by following a few simple charging and maintenance practices:

Find the right charger. Make sure that your battery charger fits the type and voltage of your SLA battery. Some types, including gel batteries, may require a different charger.

Give it enough time to fully charge. Using a lower voltage for a short time leads to an undercharged, overworked battery. A charge that's too high will cause your battery to overheat. Match the charger and battery voltage, then allow it enough time to recharge to full capacity.

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Pro Tips
For more tips on charging and storing your battery, explore our SLA battery maintenance guide, and get to know more about the high-performance standards you can expect with our SLA battery quality commitment.

How to Recycle Your Used Batteries

From purchase to disposal, we've got you covered at Batteries Plus Bulbs. Each of our store locations features a battery and bulb recycling drop-off point. Better yet, we accommodate battery recycling for personal and commercial use for your convenience.

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