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Scrubber and Sweeper Batteries

Battery-powered floor scrubbers and sweepers make short work of cleaning large areas, but with heavy use, the batteries will eventually wear out. Rather than putting up with short running times and constant recharges, a sweeper or floor scrubber battery replacement will keep your commercial floor cleaning machines up and running at full capacity.

Scrubber and Sweeper Battery Finder

Floor Scrubber and Sweeper Battery Types

We stock 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt batteries to fit all types of floor scrubber and sweeper machines. Find a full range of battery sizes from auto scrubber batteries to commercial floor scrubber batteries and sweeper batteries.

And for total ease of use, we also supply maintenance-free battery models to keep your power floor cleaners and electronic sweepers running smoothly and reliably.

Sweeper Machine Battery Running Times

Many of our sweeper batteries are deep cycle, lead acid batteries built to provide long running times on a single charge. Choose from standard batteries for quick recharging, or high amp versions, which can be charged overnight to last all day for productive and efficient cleaning.

Whichever brand of floor sweeper or scrubber you run at your facility, at Batteries Plus Bulbs we can supply a replacement battery to fit, with easy ordering and in-store pickup for your convenience.

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