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Recycling Services for Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes, Light Bulbs & Small Electronics

Our goal is simple: Recycle even more than we sell.

We believe in recycling because it's the right thing to do for our customers, for our communities, and for the Earth itself.

Recycling your used batteries and light bulbs is as close as the nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs store. It's easy.

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Here's what we recycle.

Where Can I Recycle Batteries Near Me?

Looking to recycle used batteries? Look no further than Batteries Plus Bulbs. From car and truck batteries to cell phone batteries to specialty batteries, let us dispose of your used batteries for you.

Lead Acid
Powering cars, trucks, golf carts, sump pumps, boat, motorcycle, RV, mowers, floor scrubbers & more

Nickel Cadmium
Powering rechargeable devices like cordless phones, drills, camcorders, calculators, electronic flash units & tool battery packs

Nickel Metal Hydride
Powering exit & emergency lights, flashlights, camcorders, cameras, barcode scanners, back-up power & battery packs

Lithium Ion & Polymer
Powering cell phone, laptops, two- way radio, scanners, tools, flashlights, watches & tool battery packs

Powering TV remotes, kids toys, flashlights, video game controllers, wireless headsets & more

Powering watches, key fobs, hearing aid, medical devices, bathroom scales & more

Where Can I Recycle Fluorescent Tubes Near Me?

Drop your used fluorescent tubes and light bulbs at Batteries Plus Bulbs. We’ll dispose of them properly, keeping them out of landfills while ensuring they’re reused and repurposed.


Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL)


Circular Fluorescent

Fluorescent Tubes

U Bend Fluorescent


Plastic Coated & Shatter Shield

Germicidal & UV Lamps

Mercury Vapor

Cold Cathode


Metal Halide

High Pressure Sodium

Where Can I Recycle Small Electronics Near Me?

Batteries Plus Bulbs recycles small electronics, including tablets, laptops, cell phones, and more. Simply drop them at a location that’s convenient for you, and we’ll take it from there.



Cell Phones & Smart Phones

Portable Tools

Power Cords

Charging Accessories

Additional recycling services for businesses, other battery chemistries and small electronics are available upon request. Fees may apply. Some of these services include volume discount opportunities, boxes for battery and light bulb recycling, and recycling pickup options. See store for further details.

Recycling for Customers

Batteries Plus Bulbs makes recycling used batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and small electronics simple. Just bring your recyclable batteries, bulbs & electronics to your nearest store and we’ll take care of the rest. Please be aware fees may apply, and will vary based on location. When you deliver your recyclables to us, we pass them on to our recycling partners who in turn repurpose the salvageable material for secondary uses and keep dangerous materials out of landfills.

Recycling for Businesses

Open a free business account and reap the benefits! Recycling your used batteries, fluorescent bulbs and electronics is easy with Batteries Plus Bulbs. Many accounts include recycling services, which means that you can bring in your recyclable batteries, bulbs, chargers, phones, tablets, and more right to your local store. Fees may apply and will vary by location, commercial discounts are available.

Did You Know...


Each year, our stores recycle about 47.5 million pounds of lead acid batteries - for comparison, that's more than the weight of 3,950 elephants - and more than 1.68 million pounds of all other chemistries including alkaline, lithium ion, NiCd, electronic devices, etc.


Our stores recycle over half a million pounds (306 tons) of light bulbs and over 30,000 pounds (15 tons) of ballasts annually.


Recycling creates jobs! According to the National Recycling Coalition, recycling creates four jobs for every one job created in the waste management and disposal industries.


The EPA estimates that 75% of the American waste stream is recyclable, but we only recycle about 30% of it.


According to the National Recycling Coalition, simply recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for 4 hours.


According to Recycling Revolution, The U.S. is the #1 trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year. This means that 5% of the world's people generate 40% of the world's waste.

Recycling FAQs

Where To Recycle Batteries Near Me

The majority of stores will accept:

  • Lead acid - Cars, Trucks and Emergency Lighting
  • NiCd (non-liquid) - Cordless phones, Tools and Two Way Radios
  • NiMH (non- liquid) - Camcorders, Cameras and Bar Code Scanners
  • Lithium Ion battery types - Cell phones and Laptops

Please call ahead to ensure your local store is able to provide you with our recycling services. Costs may apply and vary by location due to state and local regulations.

Yes, Batteries Plus Bulbs recycles car & truck batteries. We also offer a core credit for recycling lead acid batteries with us when purchasing a new one. Contact your local store for more information.

It is recommended to bag or place strips of clear tape over the terminals of the battery you would like to recycle. This ensures your safety, as well as the safety of store employees and folks at the recycling center.

Each one of us has a responsibility to the environment, and a responsibility for the products we use. Most batteries contain hazardous chemicals and rare metals that are a limited resource on our planet; by recycling these materials they can be reused for generations to come.

If the battery you want to recycle is embedded, meaning it is a part of the device itself, don’t remove it; bring the whole device to the store. One of our associates will safely recycle the used battery for you. If the batteries are NOT embedded, remove them from the device and bring them to your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store to ensure proper recognition.

Costs will vary by location due to local and state regulations. Please check with your local store for exact costs in your area.

There may be a cost to recycle your batteries based off of the type of battery and your location due to state and local regulations. These services may come at a cost but are vital in helping sustain our environment and keeping batteries out of landfills while being able to repurpose the salvageable materials.

Bring your used car battery into the nearest Batteries Plus and we will take care of the rest. More than 85 percent of our car batteries are comprised of recycled components, ensuring these batteries don’t end up in landfills.

The batteries are recycled safely through our battery recycling partners to help sustain the environment and reduce waste sent to landfills. The salvageable material in batteries will be separated and reused.

Brand name makes no difference. What does matter is the chemistry of the battery that will be recycled.

Where To Recycle Fluorescent Tubes Near Me

Recycling light bulbs reduces landfill waste, and some bulbs contain mercury which can create contaminated leachate, which can affect our water and drinking supply, among many other things. Lastly, the raw material in bulbs can be reused and repurposed, eliminating the need to mine more of that material.

No matter the type of light bulb, from fluorescent to incandescent to CFL to halogen, it is always recommended to recycle used bulbs safely and properly. This is why Batteries Plus Bulbs accepts all types of light bulbs for recycling. Fees may apply and will vary based on bulb type and store location.

Batteries Plus recycles:

  • LED
  • Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Circular Fluorescent
  • U Bend Fluorescent
  • Plastic Coated and Shatter Shield
  • Incandescent
  • Spot/Flood Lamps
  • Germicidal and UV Lamps
  • Halogen
  • Metal Halide
  • High Pressure Sodium
  • Mercury Vapor
  • Cold Cathode
  • Ballasts

The bulbs we recycle are safely taken to our bulb recycling partner’s facility to separate different types of bulbs in order to properly recycle them. This allows for materials to be separated and repurposed. Did you know that almost 90% of the material in light bulbs is recyclable?

Some bulbs are more hazardous than others and contain mercury. Examples of these include fluorescent bulbs such as CFLs and high intensity discharge (HID) bulbs such as flood lights.

No matter the quantity, always make sure to recycle your bulbs. Please visit your local Batteries Plus store to do so.

Our Batteries Plus Bulbs recycling partner ensures that bulbs are separated, processed, and recycled safely. All salvage reusable materials from the bulbs will be reused and kept out of landfills.

Where To Recycle Electronics Near Me

Most of our stores can accept small portable electronics and accessories that fall under the following:

  • Tablets - Popular tablets such as iPads and Surface Pros
  • Laptops - Small compact laptops such as Chromebooks and MacBook Air
  • Phones - Cell phones and smartphones
  • Portable Tools - Battery powered drills
  • Power Cords - Power cord & charging accessories for tablets, laptops, cell phones, and smartphones.

Drop off your small portable electronics at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store. Please call ahead to ensure your local store is able to provide you with our recycling services. Fees may apply.

Drop off your small portable electronics at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store. Please call ahead to ensure your local store is able to provide you with our recycling services. Fees may apply.

The majority of our stores will accept old laptops and charging accessories used with it. Please call ahead to ensure your local Batteries Plus Bulbs store is able to provide you with our recycling services. Fees may apply.

Fees may apply when recycling your old electronics. A phone call to your favorite Batteries Plus location will tell you if that’s the case. One of our experts will be glad to tell you what kinds of things they recycle, and whether any fees apply.

If possible, please restore any devices to factory settings prior to dropping off at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location. Don't forget to save any data and photos on your old device before performing a factory reset. Also, remember to remove any SIM cards and SD Cards from your phone. Our stores do not have the ability to wipe data, however, our electronics recycling partner will wipe the data.

If your electronics wind up in a landfill, they leave behind wires, plastic, and e-waste which can damage the environment. Most electronics contain toxic materials which can leak into groundwater or even the atmosphere when heated. By recycling with your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location, you’re ensuring that your electronics are disposed of responsibly and in accordance with the law.

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