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What Wiper Blades are Best for Winter?

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/28/2022

Person checking their wiper blades

If you live in an area that experiences regular snowfall, you know how important your windshield wiper blades become once winter rolls around. In order to deal with the accumulation of ice and snow, many drivers rely on special wiper blades better suited to winter conditions. Are winter wiper blades worth it? Today we’ll be taking a look at the differences between traditional and beam style wiper blades in order to determine which one works best in winter weather.

Beam Windshield Wiper Blades are Better at Removing Snow

The biggest difference between traditional and beam style blades is their design. While traditional blades tend to be relatively flat, beam style blades are curved to match the shape of modern windshields. So, why is that important? Wiper blades work by making contact with your windshield. The pressure points where the blade touches the windshield create the contact necessary to effectively wipe away rain and snow. Traditional wiper blades only have around four to eight contact points with your window. With a beam blade, however, the entire blade makes contact with the windshield’s surface. This allows beam blades to apply greater pressure, making them more effective at clearing away rain and snow.

Beam Windshield Wiper Blades are More Wind-Resistant

Wind resistance also plays an important role in your windshield wipers’ performance. In high speed winds, the increased air resistance can cause the wiper blade to lift away from the windshield. When this happens, your wiper blades aren’t able to make contact with the glass, allowing rain, snow and ice to build up and obscure your view.

Because of their curved shape, beam wiper blades are more resistant to wind lift. When encountering high winds, their unique shape actually causes them to grip the windshield more firmly, making them more effective at keeping your windshield clear.

Get Your Replacement Windshield Wiper Blades at Batteries Plus

Find Valeo brand windshield wiper blades at Batteries Plus. Valeo wiper blades offer a number of convenient features, including a color-changing wear indicator. As the wiper blades wear down, the indicator changes from black to yellow, signaling you that it’s time to replace them. The beam style blades also feature a low profile design that helps prevent the buildup of ice and snow, as well as an aerodynamic spoiler design that helps reduce drag, wind lift and noise. Valeo windshield wiper blades are available in both traditional and beam style blades in a variety of different sizes.

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